PowerScribe 360 Reporting for radiology

The most trusted and widely used radiology reporting platform

Enable rapid and efficient high‑quality, actionable reports with PowerScribe 360 Reporting, the industry's most trusted and widely used real-time radiology reporting platform.

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Fast and accurate
radiology reporting

Hear from Peter Wang, MD, of Einstein Healthcare network how the PowerScribe reporting platform’s deep integrations, structured reporting capabilities, and embedded decision support streamline radiology workflows and build trust and confidence among referring providers.


The power in PowerScribe 360 Reporting for radiology

With proven speech recognition technology and a collaborative partnership with the American College of Radiology, Nuance PowerScribe 360 Reporting is used by nearly 2,000 healthcare organizations making it the most trusted and most widely used solution for radiology reporting.


PowerScribe 360 Reporting 4.0

PowerScribe 360 Reporting 4.0 delivers enhanced core functionality to improve usability, administration and security.

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Speech recognition accessories

Complementary solutions that allow you to be even more productive and focus more attention on patient care

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AI Marketplace for Diagnostic Imaging

Accelerating the development, deployment and adoption of AI for Radiology

The AI Marketplace is a diagnostic imaging app store that gives developers immediate access to 70 percent of all radiologists across 6,500+ connected healthcare facilities and subscribers a one-stop-shop to easily try and buy AI algorithms. Unlike other AI platforms, marketplaces and exchanges focused primarily on siloed, PACS‑only algorithm development, Nuance offers a comprehensive marketplace with a collaborative feedback channel to help developers continuously refine their apps based on real-world use, research, findings, and results.

AI Marketplace for Diagnostic Imaging

PowerScribe 360 Professional Services

PowerScribe 360 reporting and communication solutions are backed by the industry’s most experienced healthcare experts with a dedicated team of professionals who ensure a smooth deployment and provide expertise for your ongoing success.

"The training I received from your Professional Services was instrumental in helping me train others...and was very helpful to our organization."

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Enhance workflow and enable high‑quality, actionable reports with PowerScribe 360 Reporting.

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