Collections - Send a payment reminder by voice, text, email and push notifications

Collect more, spend less.

Nuance proactive notifications for collections enables you to send payment reminders to customers across channels – voice, text, email and push notification – so you can collect more, more easily.

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Welcome to collections in the cloud

Are you ready to collect more using fewer resources? Nuance proactive notification for digital collections is a cloud‑based platform that empowers your company to reach customers and send payment reminders sooner than ever before.

Send interactive voice and text messages, emails and push notifications to customers who are past due – and encourage self-service to accelerate payments. These proactive, automated interactions help your company get ahead of other creditors while freeing your collectors to focus on more complex issues. All to reduce the time and cost of treating delinquent accounts. And all to improve your default management and loss mitigation processes.

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Take your collections strategy to the next level

It’s time to collect smarter and leave your dialers behind. Nuance proactive notifications for collections outperforms predictive dialers – at a fraction of the cost. See how we can help you reach your customers across digital channels.

Collect Smarter with Omni‑Channel Engagement for Banking
Collect Smarter with Proactive Notifications


Proactive notifications produce engaging results


A large credit card issuer increased their account-per-collector ratio by 67% (1500 to 2500), driving up productivity by treating early-stage accounts with interactive messaging instead of collectors.


A major eastern utility company nearly tripled their pay rates – increasing collections by 188% – after adding email payment reminders to treatment timelines.


A credit card issuer received 19% more self-service payments versus agent interactions by using messaging to steer customers to easy-to-use IVR or web payment options.


Automate collections to accelerate payments

Learn how Nuance proactive notifications for collections makes it easy to collect more, with less.