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Instant access to speech, NLU, dialog, and transcription technologies

Speech‑to‑Text (STT)—Transcribe audio streams of human speech into text.

Dialog—Nuance's omni‑channel conversation engine allows conversational AI applications to interact with dialogs created with the Mix.dialog and Mix.nlu web tools.

Natural Language Understanding (NLU)—Turn text into meaning by extracting the underlying intent of what customers say or write.

Text‑to‑Speech (TTS)—Synthesize speech from text for multiple languages, geographies, and choices of gender and age.

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Customize and enhance digital customer engagement and agent experiences

Agent Engagement—Allows customers to build an alternative agent desktop or integrate live chat programs into an existing agent application.

Chat Events—Allows organizations to listen for events from Nuance Live Chat and track that information within third‑party web analytic solutions.

Customer Engagement—Powers third‑party messaging channels and native mobile applications on the Nuance platform for communication transmissions between a customer and an agent.

Data Collection—Supplement data at the customer engagement level and allow agents to record notes while a chat is in‑progress or gather for reporting purposes while building a single profile for an individual visitor across multiple devices.

Invitation—Used to create and send dynamic messages to seamlessly move consumers to a digital engagement from another channel, such as voice.

Reporting—Access real‑time and historical data to create bespoke dashboards or custom reporting.

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Add market leading biometric authentication and fraud prevention capabilities

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