PowerShare Medical Image Sharing and Exchange

Share, access, and view medical imaging anytime, anywhere

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Quick and secure

View, manage and share medical images and diagnostic reports with healthcare professionals and patients.

Access images and collaborate in real-time

No more CDs or VPNs. Share or access traditional and non-traditional images as easily as managing email to collaborate with your rapidly growing professional network.

Enhance today’s technology and power your future
Do more with your existing EHR/EMR systems, PACS, VNA. Leverage your choice of zero-footprint Enterprise Viewers and PowerScribe technologies to seamlessly migrate to value-based healthcare.

Support for the unique needs of IDNs
Addressing the IT infrastructure needs for distributed image workflow, including cross corporate enterprise image query and employed physician image query.

Ensure secure medical image exchange and storage
HIPAA compliant, with layers of security to safeguard Protected Health Information (PHI).

Stephanie Lahr, MD, CHCIO, CIO, and CMIO at Regional Health, explains how Nuance PowerShare enables quick and efficient image sharing across a large geographical region.

Today’s challenges:
  • 14% of medical imaging is redundant costing $20 billion in wasted resources
  • CD creation and shipping can cost up to $15-$35 per disk
  • CD and hard copy film management is time intensive due to corrupt disks and incompatible formats
PowerShare Image Sharing:
  • Eliminates duplicate patient testing, imaging and examinations
  • Optimizes CD management and helps you phase out hard copy film and other outmoded image transfer technology
  • Is efficient and easy-to-use for healthcare professionals and patients

PowerShare Image Sharing provides you with unique workflow automation capabilities. You can further streamline the medical imaging exchange process by creating custom automated routing rules, sending images to one or multiple locations based on physician preferences or exam type.

In addition, images captured using the PowerShare Image Sharing mobile app are also subject to user-defined rules and can be automatically routed to a VNA or PACS.

Immediate access to digital medical images and reports via integrated clinical viewers, provides more insight for referring physicians for faster, better-informed care decisions. It also eliminates unnecessary repeat exams and associated radiation exposure and removes the hassles associated with physical image sharing.

The money saved with more efficient CD management can help offset declining reimbursements and other costs. Our highly scalable network also helps you increase referrals by strengthening relationships with referring physicians, other healthcare organizations and patients within your community.

Longer term, as providers shift to patient-centric care, your organization will be well prepared to explore the revenue possibilities of emerging care delivery models.


Access and share medical imaging with your growing network

Our medical imaging solution was designed to fill all needs across the continuum of care, while helping you build a community dedicated to accountability. Now embedded image viewers enhance clarity with new image review tools available to the clinician.

PowerShare Image Sharing Collaborate

No matter where diagnostic images, reports or documents originate, the secure exchange of both traditional and non-traditional imaging is as intuitive as managing email.

Users can access and upload DICOM studies and images taken on non-DICOM devices such as wound care photos or older vintage ophthalmic images and share JPEG, TIFF and PDF files just like any other image.

eUnity viewer

View, share and collaborate on medical images to improve delivery of care and inform patient conversations.

3D viewer

Universal viewer with expert tools and 3D reconstruction. FDA-cleared for diagnostic interpretation of all study types.

The PowerShare Image Sharing app can be downloaded for free and used on any iPhone®, iPad®or iTouch® device. Smartphone and tablet users can also access and share images through an Internet connection regardless of platform.

With the app you can:

  • View images with zoom, pan and scrolling capabilities
  • Handle multi-frame data sets such as echocardiograms and angiograms and support playback at acquisition rates
  • Capture images securely with the device’s camera
  • Upload medical imaging to the cloud repository
  • Share medical imaging with physicians and patients in your network
  • Route to VNA or PACS based on your user-defined rules

Gain connectivity to the world’s largest medical image sharing network with over 3 billion images shared and growing daily. The PowerShare Network enables you to securely connect with radiologists, healthcare organizations, referring physicians and patients regardless of geographic location, medical discipline or technology platform. It also supports HIEs and ACOs for true collaboration.

For patients, PowerShare Image Sharing facilitates access to images through patient portals, allowing patients to see the same images as their providers.

Our medical imaging solution arms you with the tools required to embrace the evolution of healthcare as value-based initiatives such as Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) and Health Information Exchanges (HIEs) move to the forefront of delivery and reimbursement models.

In fact, secure electronic exchange of medical information for consultative, diagnostic and treatment services will put your institution ahead of the curve.

Just as social media networks connect people, our medical imaging solution connects you with an extended healthcare team to help you build physician and patient satisfaction and loyalty.

Also, as part of the implementation process, the PowerShare Outreach Team can support your networking goals and help expand your local, regional and even national community faster. This free service is unique to the PowerShare Network and makes it easy for you to:

  • Enroll outside clinicians onto your network
  • Promote the service to partner facilities
  • Find new connections and foster referrals to grow your business
  • Enables quick, easy scalability

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Cloud-based imaging solution improves the way you work today and powers your future

Whether you utilize a fee-for-service model or value-based care, our medical imaging solution offers cost-effective, quick deployment and seamless integrations, so you can work the way you want.

PowerShare Image Sharing Integrate

No software or hardware to buy. No need to burden your IT department with integration and maintenance. All you need to get started and access, manage and share medical images and reports is an Internet-connected computer, mobile device or our mobile app.

The PowerShare Network allows sharing of images as well as radiology reports through a budget-friendly monthly subscription model. Also, once on the Network, you will have access to additional services offered by Nuance in the future.

The PowerShare service is also highly scalable with an easy to use interface that allows you to add people to your network with just a few clicks and a dedicated outreach team to help you connect with referring sites.

With over 500,000 clinicians using Nuance technology today as part of their EHR, we have established a high degree of cooperative development with vendors.

Our service provides a fully integrated image exchange workflow for both clinicians and patients inside of the EHR/EMR. Our PowerShare mechanism:

  • Imports outside exams built into the EHR/EMR and makes them accessible for all users within the Health System
  • Enables patients to upload and share outside studies in their patient chart
  • Grants patients access to outside images through their patient chart
  • Allows physicians to view outside images in PowerShare while in EMR

Helping IDN systems address the IT infrastructure needs for distributed image workflow, including:

  • Corporate Enterprise Image Query without the need for image shares requests.
  • Employed Physician Image Query without the need for image shares requests. Physicians will be able to take action on facility studies as if it were their own.

When used in conjunction with PowerScribe 360, you can take advantage of:

  • Real-time communication and faster access to prior exams from outside facilities
  • Expanded sharing capabilities, exchange both non-traditional and traditional imaging
  • Connectivity to a wider network of healthcare organizations, specialist and patients to grow your referral base
  • Rapid, cost-effective implementation leveraging existing HL7 interfaces

Nuance is at the heart of the shift to new care models and the transition to ACOs, in support of Imaging 3.0® initiatives. However, because change takes time and coordination, we’ve designed our solutions to work for both fee- based and value-based models. So no matter where your organization is in the shift, Nuance medical image sharing solutions are a safe investment that can effectively help you:

  • Deliver timely, high quality, coordinated patient care
  • Achieve better financial integrity and maximize ROI
  • Improve compliance with complete, accurate, secure information
  • We even provide professional services and consulting services to help you deploy and optimize solutions, as well as prepare for the future


Fully secure and compliant medical imaging exchange and storage

Security is at the heart of our medical imaging solution and we’re meticulous when it comes to protecting the integrity and privacy of patient data.

PowerShare Image Sharing Secure

PowerShare Image Sharing supports an organization's compliance with HIPAA and HITECH utilizing a highly secure SOC2 Type II data center.

In addition, we work closely with clients to ensure their unique privacy and security needs are met.

Our security layers start with a detailed Service Agreement and Business Associate Agreement (BAA) that safeguard Protected Health Information (PHI) from unauthorized disclosure or misuse. These agreements also help you comply with your HIPAA obligations.

Other security features include:

  • Intrusion detection and intrusion prevention systems
  • Full-system audit trails
  • Secure user authentication
  • Sophisticated access control methodologies
  • Image compression and data integrity checks

Our system is fortified by sophisticated firewall architecture, strong data encryption assuring a similar or higher level of security than any industry-standard VPN, rigorous member verification and strict user authentication—protecting against loss, unauthorized use or compromise.

Unlike most medical imaging solutions today, our platform has an advanced, secure communication network already built into the infrastructure, eliminating the need for VPNs. It can be implemented as an easy-to-download software agent or simply run in “zero-footprint” mode inside your browser.

Full redundancy throughout the system architecture supports business continuity and high availability to ensure that medical images and reports are accessible whenever needed.


Get a better view, faster and easier

New partner enhanced solutions let you access and share high resolution images as easily as opening your browser.

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